ATTITUDE Natural Deodorizing Shampoo Coco Lime 天然寵物除臭洗髮水 椰子青檸香


Did you know dogs’ noses are wet to help them smell better? The moist surface is like a glue to help capture scents. Even though dogs’ sense of smell is good, they don’t always smell good themselves! That’s why ATTITUDE’s Natural Pet Deodorizing Shampoo is made with worry-free plant- and mineral-based ingredients to take the funk out of their fur. Our hypoallergenic, coconut lime-scented formula is specially designed to remove odors without exposing them to harmful chemicals, leaving your dog’s coat healthy and smelling extra fresh!!


你知道狗的鼻子是濕的嗎,以幫助他們更好地聞氣味嗎? 潮濕的表面就像一個膠水,以幫助它捕獲氣味。儘管狗的嗅覺很好,但它們並不總是聞起來很好! 這就是為什麼ATTITUDE的天然寵物除臭洗髮水是用無憂的植物和礦物質成分製成的,可以將毛的異味除去。我們的低過敏性椰子青檸香味配方,專門設計用於去除異味,而不會將其暴露於有害化學物質下,讓您狗狗的“外套”健康並且聞起來清新!

We promise to use only the safest and purest ingredients.

Aqua/water/eau, sodium coco-sulfate, coco-glucoside, glycerin, sodium chloride, decyl glucoside, citric acid, parfum/fragrance*, glyceryl oleate, sodium benzoate, dicaprylyl ether, sodium cocoyl glutamate, zinc ricinoleate, hydrolyzed wheat protein, potassium sorbate, polyglyceryl-4 caprate, polyglyceryl-4 cocoate, polyglyceryl-6 caprylate, polyglyceryl-6 ricinoleate, sodium citrate.
*derived from natural ingredients.

水,椰油硫酸鈉,椰子糖苷,甘油,氯化鈉,癸基葡糖苷,檸檬酸,香草/香料*,油酸甘油酯,苯甲酸甘油酯,二辛酸醚,椰油酰谷氨酸鈉,蓖麻酸鋅,水解小麥蛋白 ,山梨酸鉀,聚甘油-4癸酸酯,聚甘油-4椰子酸酯,聚甘油-6辛酸酯,聚甘油-6蓖麻油酸酯,檸檬酸鈉。




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