ATTITUDE Natural Air Purifier Sparkling Fun 嬰孩天然空氣淨化器 茉莉水果味 227g


Did you know the average quality of indoor air can be two to five times as polluted as outdoor air? Help your baby breathe and sleep easy at night using ATTITUDE’s Natural Air Purifier -  featuring activated carbon for a worry-free way to purify her nursery of odours, dust and pollutants. Using plant-based extracts and worry-free ingredients, the Natural Air Purifier will fill her room with the soothing scent of Sparkling Fun for more restful sleeping, relaxing and wondering. Enjoy for up to six weeks to keep the air staying clean and fresh!


你知道熟悉的氣味可以撫慰你的嬰兒嗎?一個完美的家需要幸福和“嗅覺”!合成香料和香水可能含有超過100種可能對你的家庭產生負面影響的化合物。 給嬰兒和小孩用的ATTITUDE安全有效的Sparkling Fun天然空氣淨化器使用從木炭而來的活性炭,大自然的過濾器,以一種無憂的方式來清潔空氣中的頑固氣味和污染物長達六周 (視房間大小而定)。

Natural plant-derived fragrance, Activated carbon (air purifier)Resin (odor neutralizing and fragrance releaser)


水,活性炭,硬脂酸鈉,乙酸己酯 (源自於水果),二氫茉莉酮酸甲酯 (源自于茉莉)




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