ATTITUDE Conditioner – Volume & Shine Fine and flat hair 豐盈閃耀護髮素

ATTITUDE Conditioner – Volume & Shine Fine and flat hair 豐盈閃耀護髮素


Did you know soya is known to increase hair and skin thickness? Since hair is mostly composed of protein, soya can only help with its high concentration of proteins. Featuring cranberry extract, ATTITUDE’s Super leaves™ Volume & Shine Conditioner helps volumize hair, creating thick and shiny locks. You will love its aroma that reminds us of orange and cardamom. EWG Verified™, hypoallergenic and dermatologically-tested, our Volume & Shine Conditioner includes moringa seed extract, known for its antipollution properties. For better results, use our Volume & Shine Shampoo before applying the Conditioner. For beautiful hair, from root to end!


你知道大豆可以增加頭髮和皮膚厚度嗎?由於頭髮主要由蛋白質組成,大豆只能幫助其保持高濃度的蛋白質。富含蔓越莓提取物,ATTITUDE Super leaves™的豐盈閃耀護髮素有助於令頭髮豐盈,創造濃密而有光澤的質感。你會喜歡它的香氣,散發醒神的橙子和荳蔻的味道。 EWG Verified™,低過敏性和通過皮膚過敏測試,我們的豐盈閃耀護髮素還富有以抗污染性質而聞名的辣木籽提取物。為了達到更好的效果,使用我們的豐盈閃耀洗髮水後,請使用我們的豐盈閃耀護髮素。美麗,從髮根直達髮梢!

We promise to use only the safest and purest ingredients.

Aqua/water/eau (solvent), Vegetable glycerin (humectant), Behentrimonium methosulfate (hair conditioner), Caprylic/capric triglyceride (emollient), Cetearyl alcohol (thickener), Dicaprylyl ether (emollient), Glyceryl stearate (emulsifier), Nasturtium officinale (watercress) extract (active constituent), Tropaeolum majus (Indian cress) extract (active constituent), Sodium benzoate (active constituent), Potassium sorbate (active constituent), Citric acid (pH adjuster), Maltodextrin (binder), Moringa oleifera seed extract (anti-pollution active), Hydrolyzed soy protein (conditioner), Vaccinium macrocarpon (cranberry) fruit extract (active constituent), Decanal (fruit – active constituent), Pentadecalactone (fruit – active constituent), Raspberry ketone (conditioner).



水(溶劑),植物甘油(潤濕劑),山崳基三甲基硫酸甲酯銨(頭髮護髮素),辛酸/癸酸甘油三酯(柔潤劑),棕櫚醇(增稠劑),二辛基醚(柔潤劑),甘油硬脂酸酯(乳化劑),水田芥提取物(活性成分),旱金蓮提取物(活性成分),苯甲酸鈉(活性成分),山梨酸鉀(活性成分),檸檬酸(酸度調節劑),麥芽糊精 (粘合劑),辣木籽提取物(活性抗污染),水解大豆蛋白(護髮素),蔓越莓提取物(活性成分),癸醛(水果提取物-活性成分),十五內酯(水果提取物-活性成分),覆盆子酮(護髮素)




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