ATTITUDE All Purpose Cleaner Citrus Zest 天然多用途清潔劑800mL


Sleepy? The smell of citrus can give you a boost in energy. If you forgot to have your coffee this morning, do a little housework with ATTITUDE All Purpose Cleaner and you’ll feel more alert in no time! Made with plant- and mineral-based ingredients, our All Purpose Cleaner is a worry-free way to get the surfaces in your home sparkling. Containing no cancer-causing chemicals, it’s safe for kitchens, kids, kittens — whatever you love!


困了嗎?柑橘的味道可以幫助你精力充沛。如果您今天早上忘了喝咖啡,請使用ATTITUDE 的全能清潔劑做一點家務事,您就會馬上清醒!我們的全能清潔劑採用植物和礦物質原料製成,無憂地讓家中的表面閃閃發光。不含致癌化學物,對於廚房,小孩,小貓來說都是安全的 - 無論你喜歡什麼!

We promise to use only the safest and purest ingredients.

Aqua (solvent), Caprylyl glucoside (surfactant), Myristyl glucoside (surfactant), Alcohol (solvent), Terpineol (citrus – natural fragrance), Decanal (citrus – natural fragrance), Allyl caproate (sweet fruit – natural fragrance).


水(溶劑),辛酰基葡萄糖苷(表面活性劑),肉荳蔻基葡糖苷(表面活性劑),醇(溶劑),萜品醇(柑橘 - 天然香料),癸醛(柑橘 - 天然香料),己酸烯丙酯 (甜水果 - 天然香料)。




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