ATTITUDE Fabric Softener Citrus Zest 衣物柔順劑柑橘味 1L

HK$102.00 一般價格

Clothing isn’t just ‘mode’ — it’s mood! The right outfit is proven to make people less anxious and depressed. Feel good about what you’re wearing with ATTITUDE’s Fabric Softener. Using only hypoallergenic, plant- and mineral-based worry-free ingredients, it gently gets your clothes comfy, soft and fresh with an energizing citrus scent. It’s also formulated to work with both standard and High Efficiency (HE) washing machines, as well as cold water cycles.


服裝不僅僅是“時尚”- 也是心情!事實證明正確的著裝可以減少人們的焦慮和抑鬱。對於你所穿的用上我們ATTITUDE柔順劑的衣服感覺良好。只用低過敏的,植物和礦物質無憂的成分,讓你的衣服舒適,柔軟和散發活力柑橘香的清新。它也是為普通和滾筒冷水循環的洗衣機而制定的。

We promise to use only the safest and purest ingredients.

Aqua/water/eau, cationic surfactants derived from coconut, fragrance*.
*derived from natural ingredients.








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