2-in-1 Natural Hair and Body Foaming Wash Fragrance-free 嬰幼兒天然燕麥2合1洗髮沐浴泡沫無香250ml


From birth, babies are sponges of knowledge. The more you speak and play with them, the better they will do in school and life! Because their skin is thinner, they're also sponges for what's in their environment. ATTITUDE's Sensitive Skin 2-in-1 Natural Hair & Body Foaming Wash is formulated for babies with exceptionally delicate exteriors. With practical and easy-to-use pump, our sulfate- and worry-free formula is made to keep their extra sensitive skin extra happy using natural ingredients like calming colloidal oatmeal to relieve dry, irritated scalps and skin. It's certified by the National Eczema Association and EWG Verified because we only want the best for you and your family.


從出生開始,寶寶就如海綿般吸收知識。你跟他們說得越多,玩得越多,他們就會在學校和生活中表現得更好。由於他們的皮膚較薄,他們的皮膚也像海綿般吸收著四周的一切。ATTITUDE的敏感肌2合1天然洗髮沐浴泡沫專為皮膚特別嬌嫩的寶寶而設。自帶實用易用的按壓泵,我們的硫酸鹽洗髮沐浴無憂配方便是為了他們特別敏感的肌膚繼續開心而製成,使用天然的成分如有鎮靜作用的膠體燕麥緩解乾燥,刺激性頭皮和皮膚。得到美國國家濕疹協會認證以及美國環境工作組(EWG Verified™)的認證,因為我們只想提供最好的給你和你的家人。

We promise to use only the safest and purest ingredients.

Aqua (solvent), Coco-glucoside (surfactant), Glycerin (humectant), Sodium cocoyl glutamate (surfactant), Decyl glucoside (surfactant), Disodium coco-glucoside citrate (surfactant), Citric acid (pH adjuster), Glyceryl oleate (emulsifier), Dicaprylyl ether (emollient), Sodium benzoate (natural preservative), Triethyl citrate (antioxidant), Potassium sorbate (natural preservative), Raspberry ketone (skin conditioner), Avena sativa (oat) kernel flour (soothing agent), Allyl caproate (emollient).






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